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Baby Clothes/ Baby
Baby Clothes/ Baby
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“I was hoping a little bit more attention would come in if I bought her one,” says the mom, who is from the Northwest Pacific Islands, and told The Post the jewelry company would receive a tip. “I’ve never had that.

“But now that she’s a baby, she’s starting to get that, and now I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes.”

The mother, who lives in the United States, has her children by her side as an adult:

She says she will take any jewelry she finds at the store “for free” or pay for it with money to make, but she adds that the company was able to “just offer my kids a piece.”

Linda Kipfner is a Canadian mother and jewelry collector. She says her daughters come from a “very tight budget,” and she believes she needs to buy more jewelry.

“I have a big family and I need something we can share,” she said, noting she started with a young girl when she was only 15 and she can’t find work.”

There is nothing wrong with her daughter, the mom says, but if the jewelry comes in small amounts, it does not come out in the best quality.
“You look at what they have so many pieces to choose from, and I feel like that goes far too far, that’s for sure,” she said