You’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship pattern

You’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship pattern

“Once you are consciously aware that dating people who are your type doesn’t equate to happiness, you can open your eyes that what is familiar is not necessarily good. Try not to judge people quickly but rather allow the relationship to grow and become more comfortable with change,” says California-based psychologist Diane Strachowski, Ed.D.

Katie Lear, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, says that “identifying what you want out of a relationship and common warning signs that you’re falling into familiar patterns in advance can help to combat this.”

Referring to the work of Sue Johnson and attachment theory, Games says, “People who approach relationships from a secure based [attachment] believe that they are deserving of love and that they will find love

Another important reason why it’s in your best interest to date someone who isn’t your typical type is that it can help break a detrimental relationship pattern.

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