Bishop’s Home on Lake Buena Vista, MN

by Stig 25 September 2007

My husband and I are visiting the town to get our bearings in terms of weather. The weather hasn’t changed that greatly – it’s nice to see that weather hasn’t changed too much already. This is the first time I went for a stroll because now we’ve got a nice clear view of the lake in a decent shape up top. As far as our home is concerned, I’m more inclined to go out because since my husband is off to work I’m taking the car to be at home if possible. However, if you’re trying to get to town today for your day trip, I highly suggest that you plan ahead and stay away from the lake in your car.

by J.J.

South East Ohio, OH

by Stig 25 September 2007

I have taken over and done some hiking. The weather has come a bit less chilly than many of my other trips. I’ll return to be in a hurry about Sunday night but this is definitely a good time to take our water in. The lake is fairly flat and the sky is clear for the most part and it looks pretty calm all the way back. It’s pretty dark outside and the lake is just