Microwaves in Dar es Salaam

Microwaves in Dar es Salaam
Microwaves in Dar es Salaam

“To prevent such an invasion, no other human being should be allowed to enter this building,” it added, according to the document.

“There is a ‘preventative’ action, namely, the creation of a security perimeter by which all citizens may cross the Turkish border. It should be created with clear plans and guidelines that can be implemented promptly.”

A separate report, by an anonymous official, is also prepared for Secretary General Abdullah Abdullah Ezzes, who was recently held for four days at the airport.

In the official report, the Pentagon asks the U.S. security establishment to ensure the safety of those detained at the airport following the attacks, the report states.

“We need that a perimeter be established immediately in order to ensure that no additional human being has entered the site and this is ensured in particular,” it states.
Microwaves in Dar es Salaam, Lebanon (Reuters) – The U.N. refugee agency on Saturday told an international conference it had received more than 11,000 Syrian refugees since the war began six years ago, prompting fears about the influx and the United States’ unwillingness to help.

There has been a rise in the refugee influx this year, aided by the recent presidential campaign of Donald Trump which has boosted U.S. support for a number of the countries the U.S. considers safe.

“Those [Syrian refugees] are desperate for somewhere to live,” UNHCR Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told the conference in Geneva. “So we need to be very careful not to bring further arrivals to the wrong country at the wrong time.”

That could create a humanitarian emergency as much as the one that took 10 years to prepare.

“We know that the best option here is to come here from wherever they come from in order to do work here and protect the people and the environment and keep the population safe,” he added.

The United States and others agreed last month to take in more than 2 million refugees, the most of any country except Canada where most are expected to join in their fight to stop Syria’s spread.

Many say they are eager to go further, fearing that they could face a potentially costly resettlement process and be denied asylum in the U.S. in a way they didn’t like.