Thermos Flasks in Kenya

Thermos Flasks in Kenya
Thermos Flasks in Kenya

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Thermos Flasks in Kenya

The “New Eden Flasks” were originally constructed as alternative to normal, non-tank-laden flasks, and are more efficient to use than regular flasks that we use to get the most useful results.

New Eden Flasks, by design

Here is a breakdown of all that is not included with the list above (you will see the items are included from time to time):

A few of these items are unique and not necessarily a part of your existing flask.

A few are not listed here at all. If you want to join our new Flask Forum, click here to add a member (or more likely, someone on Reddit with a good understanding of some of the mods!)

In addition, we strongly encourage anyone who would like to contribute and is also using similar items, to be a part of the team.
Thermos Flasks in Kenya

To see what’s included in these boxes, please see below.

List of items in the following categories:

1 – Standard, Non-Tank-Lived flask

2 – All-Tank flask

3 – All-Tank flask

4 – Tank flask

5 – All-Tank flask

6 – Tank flask

7 – All-Tank flask

8 – Tank flask

9 – Tank flask

10 – Tank flask

Here are some examples of where item numbers are included